Marko denies rumours of new rear suspension: "Utter nonsense"

09-04-2021 15:31 | Updated: 09-04-2021 15:41
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Marko denies rumours of new rear suspension: Utter nonsense

Red Bull Racing seem to be closer than ever to Mercedes this year. On top of that, the team will also introduce a spectacular new rear suspension in Imola, according to the latest rumours in the paddock. Helmut Marko however dismisses the reports as complete nonsense.

The new rear suspension would be able to change the angle of the rear wheels, something that is illegal in principle. According to reports however, Red Bull had found a solution to this so they could implement the update legally. According to Helmut Marko there is no truth to the rumours, however.

Marko denies rumours about new Red Bull suspension

"That's complete nonsense," Marko responded when asked about it in conversation with "We were already driving in Bahrain with this 'mysterious' suspension. It's nothing special, we had to design something that fitted into the extremely narrow rear end that we built around the smaller Honda engine."

Marko expects another thrilling duel between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Imola. "Bahrain has shown that they are both at absolute top level, nobody can match that at the moment. The duel was fascinating to watch. I think Hamilton is also enjoying the battle immensely because Max is forcing him to push himself to the limit," Marko said.




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