"He dresses like a 60 year old, but otherwise he’s alright"

09-04-2021 07:10 | Updated: 09-04-2021 10:11
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He dresses like a 60 year old, but otherwise he’s alright

Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz have a special bond with each other. Whereas Ricciardo left for Renault in 2019, Sainz made a switch to McLaren. The Netflix series 'Formula 1: Drive to Survive' saw some tension between the drivers in its second season, but according to the Australian, that's nonsense.

Ricciardo drove alongside Max Verstappen for years. That didn't always turn out to be an ideal combination, as the first season of the Netflix-series showed. Both men wanted to be Red Bull's number 1 driver, which is why Ricciardo decided to leave for Renault. He seems to have a similar struggle with Sainz, although Ricciardo thinks that's a bit exaggerated.

"I mean the second season, there were some episodes or parts where I feel they forced it a little bit", he told Square Mile. “They tried to create a bit of a rivalry between me and Sainz and it wasn’t really there. Like, he’s no more a rival than anyone else. There wasn’t any personal grudge with him, but I think Netflix wanted something."

Both drivers have already found another team. Where Ricciardo races in a McLaren car, Sainz is in a Formula 1 car. "Maybe no one noticed, but for me, I was like, he’s fine. I’ve probably got other guys that I dislike, you know, as opposed to Carlos… I mean, he dresses like a 60 year old, but otherwise he’s alright.”

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