Russell wants to break the taboo on mental health: 'It's not a weakness'

08-04-2021 12:10 | Updated: 08-04-2021 13:22
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Russell wants to break the taboo on mental health: 'It's not a weakness'

Nowadays, it is not unusual for top athletes to seek help from a psychologist. However, there is still a taboo on seeking psychological help, and many people consider it a sign of weakness. George Russell thinks that this image should change.

Emotional rollercoaster for Russell

Russell had an eventful year in 2020. He impressed with his results in the Williams, which was usually consistently behind the rest of the field. Then Lewis Hamilton was infected with the coronavirus, and suddenly Russell had to go and fit his seat for Mercedes.

Suddenly he got the chance to drive the supreme Mercedes, and he did it flawlessly. He was on his way to his first victory, until the team threw a spanner in the works by making a big mistake during his pit stop. Understandably, this was an emotional rollercoaster for the young driver, who says in an interview with that he called in a sports psychologist over the winter.

Russell wants to break the taboo on psychological help

"I think mental health is incredibly important," says Russell. "A lot of people, especially men, see psychology as a weakness. That's absolutely not true, your mind is the most powerful part of your body." According to Russell, it's similar to visiting the dentist when you have a toothache. So why not seek help if something is not right psychologically?

He says that psychological help has made him stronger. "It's good to talk to family and friends, but getting professional advice was very important. As a result I have come back stronger, fitter and healthier than ever and my performance will only get better from it," Russell says.

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