Concerns at Alfa Romeo: "Otherwise other teams will suddenly win by five seconds".

08-04-2021 10:56 | Updated: 08-04-2021 10:58
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Concerns at Alfa Romeo: Otherwise other teams will suddenly win by five seconds.

Alfa Romeo has shown a lot of ambition for the future in recent years. Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Räikkönen won't have to expect many updates in the current season though, as Alfa Romeo's sights are currently set towards 2022.

The British team had a difficult first race in Bahrain. While Giovinazzi just missed out on the points with a twelfth place, Räikkönen did the same with an eleventh place. Although the next Grand Prix in Imola will see some updates, Alfa Romeo is already thinking about 2022.

"There are still updates to come for Imola, but we completed them two or three weeks ago," Jan Monchaux, the team's Chief Technology Officer, explained to Auto, Motor und Sport. "The engineers are now being transferred towards the 2022 project. That has to happen quickly, because otherwise the other teams will suddenly gain five seconds."

Alfa Romeo in competition

Alfa Romeo wants to avoid a situation where next year the team will be driving a car that cannot compete with the other teams. "For us it is extremely important to build a car that is there, because then you don't feel that handicap anymore. That also gives us hope for the following years, because then we have a solid basis to compete at the top of the midfield. Then we don't have to fight for the bottom regions again."

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