New Alpine CEO sees problem: 'We've reached the maximum of this car'

06-04-2021 16:07 | Updated: 06-04-2021 17:46
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New Alpine CEO sees problem: 'We've reached the maximum of this car'

The new Alpine team did not have the start they were hoping for. The French team will continue under the new name for this season, after driving under the Renault name for a long time. With a retirement for Fernando Alonso the debut of the Alpine-name fell through, but still CEO Laurent Rossi keeps hope on the coming season.

"The aim is to continue where we finished off in 2020. We've pretty much reached the maximum of this car now anyway. So it will be about getting the maximum out of the car as well to perfect the whole organisation to perfection," Rossi explained in conversation with

Long term plans

Rossi is already looking forward to the rule changes for 2021. "We also need to make sure now that we are going to make the best car ever for the next era with the new regulations." Ahead of this season, a number of changes have been made within the team from France to start the season with a fresh wind.

"The team is now completely ready. We have a plan, we have a vision and there is a clear roadmap for the whole team. It gives a lot of confidence to have such a plan. We have a two-time world champion in Alonso who brings a lot of expertise and we are now taking the first steps of a long road," Rossi concluded.

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