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Leclerc notices difference since Vettel left: 'More time together with my teammate'

Leclerc notices difference since Vettel left: 'More time together with my teammate'

06-04-2021 10:59 Last update: 11:54


Charles Leclerc has a new teammate at Ferrari for 2021. Carlos Sainz has taken the place of Sebastian Vettel. The Monegasque immediately notices a difference between the two drivers.

Ferrari has undergone a transformation in recent years. Under Mattia Binotto, Charles Leclerc became more and more dominant in the team and Vettel was eventually eliminated. The German was replaced by Sainz, who had made a lot of progress at McLaren. Sainz and Leclerc can now be found together a lot in Maranello.

A new teammate for Leclerc

''I now spend more time together with my teammate. In the past Seb's and my paths crossed. When he left I would come and vice versa. With Carlos we are at the factory much more the same days, so we also spend more time together,'' Leclerc said in conversation with Motorsport.it.

''In recent years he (Sainz) has driven at different teams, and that's always interesting to learn from. In addition, I already notice his enormous motivation. He wants to do well in his first year at Ferrari. I believe this is good for the whole team, to continue that positive line.''

Departure of Vettel

Leclerc and Vettel clashed more than once on track, but off the track Leclerc says he has the greatest respect for the four-time world champion. He is therefore definitely missing something since the German's departure.

''First of all his experience. In some situations he had great analytical skills, and I learned a lot from that. I realised how important those details are, and that has made a big difference on the track. Besides that, Seb is also a good person, who always touched me with his simplicity,'' concludes the Ferrari driver.

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