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Verstappen explains his success: 'I'm very good at that'

Verstappen explains his success: 'I'm very good at that'

06-04-2021 07:40 Last update: 09:26


Max Verstappen made his Formula 1 debut at an early age and enjoyed a lot of success at a young age. So what part of that success does he think is talent, and what part is based on all the hard work?

Red Bull received a lot of criticism in 2015 after it brought the youngest driver ever to Formula 1 with Max Verstappen. With the success that would follow, the critics disappeared one by one and today many are praising the still young Verstappen.

The successful Verstappen

In conversation with Autosport.pt Verstappen is asked what part of his success has to do with talent. ''Talent is when you can do things easily from the start. I think talent is 70 percent of success, but you still have to work hard for the rest,'' says the Dutchman.

''In karting, it was mainly about understanding the tyres and the engine. My father was my teacher. You learn fast and try to improve yourself. That is also the case in Formula 1. You are always looking for opportunities to get better, to get the most out of yourself. I am very good at getting the most out of myself,'' concludes Verstappen.

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