Schumacher warned: "He had really good races last year"

05-04-2021 19:03 | Updated: 05-04-2021 20:04
Schumacher warned: He had really good races last year

Ralf Schumacher thinks that his nephew Mick Schumacher will have a difficult first season in Formula 1. Scoring World Championship points seems out of reach, so it will be a year to get used to the premier class of motor sport and learn a lot. At the same time he has to stay ahead of teammate Nikita Mazepin, although the former driver thinks that is not easy.

Many followers of Formula One don't have too high a view of Mazepin. The Russian driver even got a nickname after one weekend in Bahrain with 'Mazespin'. Yet Mazepin is really something and so Mick is warned on AvD Motor & Sport Magazin at Sport1"He had some really good races last year. It's not so easy to keep a grip on someone like that."

Haas F1 deep in the back of the pack

The Haas F1 team has opted not to deploy the two available tokens in 2021. This has resulted in the car this season not being much better than the one in 2020. The American stable appears to be fighting with Williams for P17 and P18 on the grid and so the young Schumacher must be patient.

"The car is slow and difficult to drive. It won't be easy for Mick in the longer term," Ralf Schumacher revealed. According to Michael's 45-year-old brother, Mick is heartily aware of the situation and doesn't feel bottled up. "I can't imagine any frustration on Mick's part," he said.

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