Hamilton sees his work as art: 'There is a huge creative aspect'

04-04-2021 17:50 | Updated: 04-04-2021 19:31
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Hamilton sees his work as art: 'There is a huge creative aspect'

Lewis Hamilton has found a nice way to describe his work as a Formula 1 driver. The seven-time world champion sees it as art and compares the search for hundredths of a second with the search for the right brush strokes by a painter.

Creative on and off the track

Hamilton, unlike some other drivers, is not purely concerned with motorsport and racing. The British driver does a lot outside the circuit and likes to express his creativity. For example with his own fashion collection at sponsor Tommy Hilfiger.

However, Hamilton also sees his work as a Formula One driver as a creative expression. "I don't know if people see it that way, but for me, what we do is a kind of art," the Mercedes driver told Speedweek.com.

As a painter

Here Hamilton makes a nice comparison to make his point. "If you look at a painter looking for the right brush strokes, it's just like us drivers. We too are constantly refining the car. And I think you create something when you drive a lap."

The British driver, therefore, believes that creativity is also needed in Formula 1 in all areas. "You try to be creative with your tuning, you try to be creative and understand what you can and can't do with the car, you come up with ideas on how to redesign the steering wheel, how to redesign the pedals, how to redesign the seat, how to redesign the aero package that you have and where best to use that. So there's a huge creative aspect."

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