Rosberg makes Extreme E comparison: 'Formula 1 lacks greater purpose'

04-04-2021 10:16 | Updated: 04-04-2021 10:39
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Rosberg makes Extreme E comparison: 'Formula 1 lacks greater purpose'

Former Mercedes driver and title winner Nico Rosberg has expressed his desires for a more progressive Formula 1 in an interview, stating that the sport should pursue a higher goal.

""F1 doesn't have great purpose yet - motorsport needs to position itself as having great purpose for mankind", Rosberg said in conversation with BBC Sport.

It's a testing ground for cleaner technologies that can take Formula 1 to the next level, according to Rosberg. The former Mercedes driver explains: "That race-to-road tech transfer helps. Formula 1 can do better and they are working on it. Synthetic fuels, for example - if they take charge of that space and really innovate, it can benefit millions of people around the world."

Extreme E

"But F1 has done a lot already with light materials and hybrid engines, which is the most efficient engine in the world." Rosberg's views on a higher purpose for motorsport's king class fit in with the ambitions he has recently been pursuing in Extreme E racing, where he once again faces former teammate Lewis Hamilton as his opponent, albeit as team managers this time.

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