"Everything he does is received positively by people."

03-04-2021 19:42 | Updated: 03-04-2021 19:50
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Everything he does is received positively by people.

Fernando Alonso returned to Formula 1 this season after a two-year absence. Although the Alpine driver disappeared from the highest competition stage for a while, he didn't sit still. Alonso competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Indianapolis 500 and Dakar Rally. His current performance reflects that, as does Jose Carlos de Celis.

The journalist from Motorsport.com Spain saw a mixed performance from Alonso. While he managed ninth on the grid in qualifying, he was forced to retire early in the race due to brake problems. Expectations will be high for Alonso and Alpine in the coming races.

The Spanish Grand Prix is scheduled for five weeks from now, which means Alonso will be driving in his home country again.

"Fernando Alonso has something magical in Spain," stated De Celis.

"Everything he does is received positively by the people. Formula 1 is also suddenly very important in Spain again, he is back on the front pages of all newspapers and he is the first topic discussed on the news."

Popularity Alonso

In the past, Alonso has been very popular in his homeland. However, De Celis fears that times have changed in 2021.

"Alonso-mania started when Alonso started winning in Formula 1. If he wins races again, there will undoubtedly be some kind of Alonso-mania again. But there are differences from before."

This is because the highest level of motorsport is no longer shown for free on television in Spain.

"You have to pay for it and as a result the audience has become much smaller. In 2005 and 2006, many families had the habit of having dinner together on Sundays and then watching television together, where there was always a Spaniard on the screen winning races at the highest level of motorsport."

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