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Webber: Think he's in a bit of a win-win situation

Webber: "Think he's in a bit of a win-win situation"

01-04-2021 11:33 Last update: 11:50

Mark Webber says it's clear that Sergio Perez is the second man at Red Bull Racing, but despite that role Webber does expect the 31-year-old veteran to score plenty of points and be important to the Milton Keynes-based stable. A strong Perez will give Red Bull more options in the races.

"I think he’s going to do well. I think that he’s in a bit of a win-win situation to be honest," Webber revealed in the podcast On The Marbles podcast. The former Red Bull Racing driver thinks Perez is a better choice than Pierre Gasly or Alexander Albon“He’s clearly there to do the best support role for Max, I think he’ll do better than the previous two guys."

Tyre Whisperer Perez

Perez's great strength is always on Sunday. This is because the Mexican's tyre management is of an exceptionally high standard. "He's a magician on the tyres," explains Webber. Last weekend in Bahrain Perez managed to work his way up from last position to fifth.

For Red Bull it is in any case good that they have an extra trump card in their hands which they can play (strategically) in the next 22 Grands Prix this season. If the Austrian racing team wants to break Mercedes' hegemony it will certainly be necessary.

"He’s got to be there to put pressure on Mercedes around pit-stops for example. If there’s only one dog in the fight, it’s harder with strategy and putting heat on Mercedes as Red Bull would like to do. That’s what Perez has to be there for."

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