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Piquet wants Verstappen next to Hamilton: It's all too easy now''

Piquet wants Verstappen next to Hamilton: "It's all too easy now''

31-03-2021 09:56 Last update: 11:16


Max Verstappen lost the duel to Lewis Hamilton on Sunday, but according to Nelson Piquet, the Dutchman would win over Hamilton if he was in the same car.

Lewis Hamilton has already won seven world titles, six of which came in the last seven years with Mercedes. The Briton is in the hunt for his eighth world title this year, but is facing resistance from Verstappen. According to three-time world champion Piquet, Verstappen would beat Hamilton if he were on the same team.

Verstappen versus Hamilton

''It is not that Hamilton is not good, but he has a lesser driver by his side (Valtteri Bottas), and his predecessor (Nico Rosberg) was even worse. We have to take into account that in Formula 1 you drive different cars, and that a direct comparison of two drivers from two different teams is difficult to make'', Piquet told Autosport.com.

''If Max was driving for Mercedes, I'm sure he would smash Hamilton. Max is much more aggressive. He might make more mistakes because of that aggressiveness, but in my opinion he is better than Hamilton. It's all too easy for Hamilton now, because he wins everything with Bottas by his side,'' the Brazilian concludes.

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