Vettel makes too many mistakes: 'That doesn't even bother me the most'

30-03-2021 18:58 | Updated: 30-03-2021 21:12
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Vettel makes too many mistakes: 'That doesn't even bother me the most'

After the bad weekend of Sebastian Vettel the German has been criticized a lot. Ralf Schumacher says that the mistakes themselves are not even his biggest annoyance.

Vettel made mistakes himself

Vettel had a difficult start with his new team Aston Martin. The German failed to get out of Q1 in qualifying and torpedoed Esteban Ocon during the race. "During the test drives two weeks ago there were still technical problems that made it difficult to 'restart' in a new team", Schumacher said in his column on Sky Sport Deutschland. "But Sebastian made mistakes himself in the race."

The mistakes in the race weren't the biggest problem according to Schumacher: "What bothers me the most is the way he dealt with it: when he hit Esteban Ocon from behind on lap 44, he immediately complained over the radio about Ocon's alleged change of direction." After watching the footage, it's abundantly clear that it's a mistake by Vettel himself.

Atmosphere will still be fine at Aston Martin

Vettel did apologise to his French rival immediately after the race. "But the question still remains why Sebastian makes such mistakes time after time. With his experience he should be able to assess such situations better."

The collaboration is still fresh between Vettel and Aston Martin, so Schumacher thinks the mood at the British team will still be good. Should these mistakes occur more often, the brother of Michael Schumacher expects the atmosphere to change.

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