Remarkable suggestion for Schumacher: 'Red Bull Racing would be good for him'

22-03-2021 09:56 | Updated: 22-03-2021 09:59
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Remarkable suggestion for Schumacher: 'Red Bull Racing would be good for him'

Mick Schumacher will make his debut in Formula 1 in 2021 and as the son of the legendary Michael Schumacher that obviously raises a lot of questions. Bernie Ecclestone however expects Mick to get the most out of it.

Future of Schumacher

Schumacher, after winning the title in Formula 3 and Formula 2, has done everything he can to earn a spot in F1. The German hasn't left the impression in the classes that Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc did, but Schumacher does manage to get better every year, and that could serve him well in F1.

''You can't predict if someone has the potential to be world champion. One thing is for sure though, Mick will give it his all. His performance so far has been very good, so there is no reason why he can't become champion. I would like a team to take care of him and give him a good car to become world champion. Even people like Hamilton are not going to win a race without a good car,'' said Ecclestone in the AvD Motor & Sport Magazin of

Schumacher to Red Bull

Ecclestone does have a striking suggestion for Schumacher. ''A team like Red Bull Racing. A team that has the qualities to win races and employs people who can guide that well. Mick's stats in F2 were great, but it won't be easy for him at his current team (Haas).''

''I don't know Mick very well. I've met him a few times, but not often enough to really say I know him. However, I think he has a lot of his father's genius. I would be very disappointed if we don't see great things from him in the future,'' the former F1 CEO concluded.

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