Brawn: "It was a bit of a lesson for us"

20-03-2021 09:04 | Updated: 20-03-2021 11:20
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Brawn: It was a bit of a lesson for us

Last season we saw a number of old circuits return and new ones appear on the calendar. These races were very well received, so Formula 1 does not exclude a rotation of certain Grands Prix.

Coronavirus opened eyes in F1

The 2020 calendar was full of surprises as the coronavirus made it impossible to travel around the world. We saw the return of Imola, Nurburgring and Istanbul Park. Positive surprises like Mugello, Portimao and the outer loop of Bahrain also appeared on the calendar.

Formula One strategists as a result are starting to think about rotating Grands Prix. "It was a bit of a lesson for us. We're thinking about how we can build in this factor of the new and unknown in the future," F1 sports director Ross Brawn is quoted as saying by Auto, Motor und Sport. For now, there are no surprises in store for the 2021 calendar, unless the coronavirus has another hand in this.

According to Brawn there is also a big financial advantage to rotate races. Also the local interest will be higher after a race has not been on the calendar for a year.

Return of the German Grand Prix

Both Nurburgring and Hockenheim seem to have signed up already in case a replacement race is needed in 2021. Auto, Motor und Sport reports that both circuits have already had talks with F1-CEO Stefano Domenicali to get a permanent place for the German Grand Prix again. Possibly the race can be rotated between the two circuits, as was the case in the past.

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