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Is Hamilton worried? ''Not fast enough at the moment''

Is Hamilton worried? ''Not fast enough at the moment''

15-03-2021 07:07 Last update: 10:25


It may have been the worst winter test for Mercedes since the hybrid era, but luckily for the German team you don't win races here. Lewis Hamilton sees a challenge for his team, and still remains confident.

Mercedes has dominated the winter test many times in recent years. Not just in lap times, but in the number of laps it was able to do and the data it collected. This year however, Mercedes drove the least amount of laps and plenty went wrong during the test. So these are uncertain times for the German team.

Mercedes in trouble?

''It was a tricky three days. The sandstorm, for example, had a lot of impact on the car. We have tough days ahead of us. In the factory they will be working hard in the coming days to understand the data, because we need to get more out of this car. Indeed, it seems that we are not fast enough at the moment,'' Hamilton said in a video from Mercedes.

''I have confidence in the team, though. We like challenges, and this year is definitely a challenge with the new regulations. I had a few spins which is rare for me, but then again I struggle with the rear of the car. Fortunately, the car stayed in one piece and I was able to complete my programme as planned.''