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BWT don't go with Haas or Williams, but signs deal with Vettel

BWT don't go with Haas or Williams, but signs deal with Vettel

12-03-2021 08:19 Last update: 09:04


Sebastian Vettel showed up for the start of the season wearing a pink helmet. Not a personal choice by the German, but a deal with BWT that led him to these colours.

In recent seasons, Force India and Racing Point's cars have been coloured pink after the team struck a deal with BWT in early 2017. The brand that works in the water industry wanted to use the pink colour to market the brand but lost that option with the arrival of Aston Martin. A pink stripe can still be seen on the AMR21, but that's all.

Vettel with a pink helmet

At least, that is how it seemed prior to the season, but after rumours of a deal with Haas or Williams, BWT appears to have a deal with Sebastian Vettel. In order to ensure continued attention for the watermark and associated colour, a deal has been struck with the German to swap his iconic white helmet with the stripes of the German flag for a pink design.

''The future is important and we must do everything we can to protect our planet for our children. We share this responsibility to make a difference. As a Formula One driver, I think it is right for me to speak out about this, and I am happy to have found a partner in BWT who shares my goals. If we can reduce plastic waste, we can make the world more beautiful one step at a time,'' Vettel said to Autosport.com

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