Vettel done with 'veteran' label: 'It's always a challenge’

07-03-2021 10:31 | Updated: 07-03-2021 11:20
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Vettel done with 'veteran' label: 'It's always a challenge’

During the official presentation of Aston Martin's AMR21, new recruit Sebastian Vettel gave his views on the future with the team, as well as his opinion on the prevailing narrative that as a Formula One 'veteran' he can best help the newly formed Aston Martin. 

Asked about the value of his 'veteran' status to the team, Vettel began to laugh. "Well obviously since i'm a veteran I´ve gathered so much experience. Hopefully that will help." he jokes. “I´ve been a part of this for a long time, but it's exciting to be part of a new team, a new group of people, a lot of new faces.”

Vettel therefore argues that he will still make his share of mistakes at the start of the season, because, veteran or not, the adjustment period remains a universal ailment. "So there will be a time for me where I don't know everything yet,  I hope to make that very small and short, but I'm very much looking forward to get into the car and finally start the work on track.”

Steering the car, steering the team

The German also explained what he and his team-mate Lance Stroll can do for the team, beyond just stepping on the gas: “I think both of us are driving the car and to a certain degree also helping to drive the team. The feedback that we give, what the car is doing, what we need to go faster is essential for the rest of the team to know what to do. That´s a key to our role, other than driving the car as fast as possible and getting maximum results.”

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