Williams already in contact with sponsors who can fill 'empty' livery

06-03-2021 18:54 | Updated: 06-03-2021 23:24
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Williams already in contact with sponsors who can fill 'empty' livery

Williams presented the FW43B on Friday, the car with which they hope to compete in the midfield in 2021. What struck us at their presentation was that their new livery contained remarkably few 'letters'. They are therefore still looking for sponsors, although it will probably not be long before the team makes an announcement.

At least that is what Jost Capito, the new Williams team boss, says. "The new ownership and the strategy we are going forward [with] is already attracting partners that are in contact with us and negotiations going forward. It’s too early to give you something but there will be some announcements soon,” the German is quoted as saying by Formula 1 News.

Rich Energy highly unlikely to arrive

Although the team has emphatically denied that one of these partners is the famous William Storey of Rich Energy, that name is being mentioned again in the rumour mill, according to Formula 1 News. Storey was in the news last month saying that a partner of Rich Energy had bought a majority stake in a Formula One team and that he would be involved in the deal.

According to Storey, this deal is not yet known to the general public and will be announced later. It is not about Dorilton Capitol, which Williams took over from the Williams family last year. As they have only just taken control of the team, it is also unlikely that they would want to lose control of the team almost immediately.

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