Sainz realistic about his career: "Beating him is impossible, I think"

06-03-2021 14:19 | Updated: 06-03-2021 16:24
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Sainz realistic about his career: Beating him is impossible, I think

Carlos Sainz will be driving for Ferrari from this season, a dream come true for him. The hope is of course that in time he can compete for victories and maybe even the world title. Whatever the results, he thinks he will never be able to beat one person.

Out of the shadows

In the past, there have been many drivers in Formula 1 with a famous racing father. This season there are even two; Mick Schumacher and Carlos Sainz Jr. Unlike Mick's father Michael Schumacher, Sainz senior never raced in Formula 1, but that doesn't make him any less of a legendary driver. Sainz was twice World Rally Champion and has won the Dakar Rally three times.

Sainz junior therefore doesn't think he can emulate his father any time soon. "No, no. Not yet," he told "I don't think I will ever step out of his shadow. He had a completely different career than me."


Like his father, he does hope to become a world champion one day. "I haven't managed that yet. Of course that's my goal, but I'm still a long way from achieving that." In terms of character, too, his father has quite a head start on him, Sainz admits: "He was a pioneer at the time, a special driver and brought about a lot of changes in the World Rally Championship."

With his appointment at Ferrari, he has at least come one step closer to realising his dream. "With this I have achieved one of my biggest dreams, if not the biggest. However, my father has a great career. That will be difficult for me to catch up with. Beating him is impossible, I think."

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