'Hamilton and right-hand man part ways before the start of the Formula One season'

05-03-2021 07:49 | Updated: 05-03-2021 08:45
by GPblog.com
'Hamilton and right-hand man part ways before the start of the Formula One season'

Lewis Hamilton has had to say goodbye to his right-hand man and friend, Marc Hynes, ahead of the new 2021 Formula One season. His manager is leaving before the season starts.

Lewis Hamilton took a long time to sign, but the Brit has re-signed with Mercedes for another season at least. Not surprisingly, as the Brit can hunt for his eighth world title with Mercedes, and will also want to play an important role in his team's historic eighth title.

Hamilton loses his manager

However, according to Sportsmail, Hamilton will have to do that without Marc Hynes. Hamilton's right-hand man and friend has been responsible for the business and logistics of Hamilton's career for the past seven years, as CEO of Project 44', which was set up after Hamilton broke up with Simon Fuller.

The medium reports that talks about Hynes' role within the team were discussed over the winter, at a time when Hamilton was knighted and named BBC Sports Personality of the Year for the second time. However, the two sides have reportedly parted company by mutual consent.

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