Marko has curious explanation for limited footage of RB16B

28-02-2021 16:26 | Updated: 28-02-2021 17:38
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Marko has curious explanation for limited footage of RB16B

The unveiling of the RB16B was met with some disappointment last week. Apart from the fact that the car looks largely the same as the RB16, which is not bad at all, Red Bull Racing has shown almost nothing of the car. Helmut Marko now offers an explanation for this.

"Time was a bit tight to do photo shoots," he told of the fact that we only got to see images of the RB15 from the test at Silverstone. "Driving was more important to us than taking photos. We have nothing mysterious at the car. No six wheels, no fan in the rear either,” jokes Marko, referring to some of the more sensational F1 cars of the past.

We get to see everything at the test

Still, it's strange that Red Bull have put so little effort into this. One photographer doesn't seem like a big sacrifice and a rear view at the unveiling on Tuesday would have been just as possible. If RBR do have something to hide, Marko promises we won't have to wait long to see it.

"At the first tests in Bahrain we will run all the parts on the car that will also be used at the season debut,” Marko said. This test will take place in less than two weeks, on 12, 13 and 14 March at the Bahrain circuit. If there are any changes to the RB16B, will be there to report them.


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