Verstappen: "I don't necessarily need to get stronger or fitter"

28-02-2021 14:53 | Updated: 28-02-2021 17:36
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Verstappen: I don't necessarily need to get stronger or fitter

In the run-up to a new Formula 1 season, drivers often say they have worked hard on themselves and are fitter than ever. This is not the case for Max Verstappen: As far as he is concerned, he is fine and doesn't need to change a thing.

Fitness has never been a problem for Verstappen

According to Verstappen, fitness has never been a problem. "I don't necessarily need to get stronger or fitter," he told "I think that was never a problem anyway, I've always felt good. I think at my age you get a bit better and stronger because you just grow up, and you know how old you are when it gets worse. But it's not decisive in terms of performance."

Recently, Verstappen could be seen on social media completing a series of tough training sessions. "That was at the Red Bull training centre, where fitness tests are carried out. That was just to see how it was going," Verstappen said. "It was OK, that's never a problem."

Focus on racing

Verstappen is therefore more concerned with improving on racing. "Looking back at races, analysing weekends and things like that. Sometimes you already see things when you watch the race back, but you also hear what other teams say."

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