Aston Martin racing car make themselves heard, images to follow

27-02-2021 16:32 | Updated: 27-02-2021 19:02
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Aston Martin racing car make themselves heard, images to follow

The 2021 Formula One season is approaching and the cars are being unveiled. Aston Martin, meanwhile, has shared an important part of its car, namely the fire-up. This is what the F1 car sounds like, but what it looks like? We'll soon find out.

Aston Martin will return to the track under their own name in the coming Formula 1 season. The Racing Point name has been exchanged for Aston Martin and the new car is as good as ready. Today the British shared the sound of the car in a tweet. The Mercedes engine in the AMR21 purrs wonderfully!

Aston Martin soon to share car

Where we are now getting the sound of the AMR21, in a few days time the first images will follow. In four days time, the veil will be lifted and we will see what Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll will be racing. A few details are already known. We know that BWT is back as a sponsor and that the AMR21 will be mostly dark green. Next Wednesday we will see the car in its full glory. That's when the car will be presented with which Aston Martin will once again be racing under its own name.

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