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Future Vietnamese Grand Prix is a possibility

Future Vietnamese Grand Prix is a possibility

24-02-2021 18:42 Last update: 20:29


The Vietnam Grand Prix in Hanoi was first on the calendar in 2020 but disappeared again due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year the Grand Prix did not return to the calendar, while all facilities in Hanoi have been made ready. In fact, they were already ready last year, but this year Formula 1 will not visit the country. Nevertheless, the will to do so is still there.

Arrest of the Mayor

The reason things are a bit difficult at the moment is partly due to matters in the background. The former mayor of Hanoi, Nguyen Duc Chung - who played a key role in organising the Grand Prix - was arrested last year and sentenced to five years in prison for misappropriation of state secrets and misuse of assets.

Because of some issues the local promoter has to work out with the government, it was decided that 2021 was not the right time for a Grand Prix. So it remains to be seen when the promoter and Formula 1 will find it the right time. If it is up to the sport, Formula 1 will definitely travel to Hanoi again.

Exciting race location

This is what the general manager of race promotion Chloe Targett-Adams said during the BlackBook Motorsport Virtual Summit, quoted by Motorsportweek.com. "Vietnam is an incredibly exciting race location for Formula 1. There is a hugely young demographic in the country, vibrant business sector, somewhere we’re very excited to race."

"2020 was to be the first race, with an amazing circuit bult in the outskirts of Hanoi. Totally understandably no one wants to launch a first race in the middle of a pandemic, [they’re] working through some localised issues with some change in government. We just decided and agreed with our promoter, Vingroup, that early 2021 just wasn’t the right timing for that."

However, the cooperation remains in place and the hope is that one day it will work out. In conclusion, Targett-Adams said, "We continue to work through with them, longer-term we’d still relish the opportunity to have a race in Vietnam, so we’re hoping we’ll get there eventually."

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