Poll: Alfa Romeo takes new path with new colour scheme

23-02-2021 18:40 | Updated: 23-02-2021 21:24
by GPblog.com
Poll: Alfa Romeo takes new path with new colour scheme

Since 2018, Alfa Romeo has been involved with Sauber and since 2019 the team has carried the name of the iconic brand. However, it seems Alfa Romeo may just disappear from Formula 1 after 2021, a time to look back at the team's various liveries since 2018.

New sponsors and more red

The first year Alfa Romeo got involved with Sauber, the livery was quite simple. Sauber's dark blue was exchanged for dark red and only the blue stripe along the bodywork of the car was kept. There were very few sponsors to be found on the car.

In 2019, we saw Alfa Romeo being a little more daring with its livery. The large Alfa Romeo logo on the bonnet was modified and only the logo was still visible with the name Alfa Romeo in the classic font next to it. There was also more red on the car, a trend that continued with the C39 of 2020. In 2020, Orlen was appointed as the team's new main sponsor, which meant that the oil company's logo was displayed prominently on the car.

Away from the old familiar

In 2021, Alfa Romeo seems to be daring more with its livery: the bonnet is white unlike previous years and the underside is painted red. The team seems to opt for a 'retro' look with the C41. What is your favourite Alfa Romeo livery of recent years? Cast your vote in the poll below!

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