Albon confident Red Bull still believe in him

22-02-2021 18:02 | Updated: 22-02-2021 20:22
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Albon confident Red Bull still believe in him

Alexander Albon has had to make way for Sergio Perez at Red Bull Racing in 2021. With that, he also lost his seat in Formula 1. However, in his role as test and reserve driver for the team, he does not consider himself without a chance of returning to the sport. Perhaps even this season.

"Yeah, it was disappointing. It's always going to be disappointing," Albon told and others in a Red Bull press conference. "But there's no point in feeling sorry for yourself. You have to get back into it and do as much as you can to get back. My goal of course is to be back in a seat next year. And to be ready for this year as well. You never know what's going to happen with fitness and Covid around.”

Albon is hopeful that he will be back competing again next season. The question is what he can do to earn back a permanent place for 2022. Has the team set any specific targets for that? “No, not really. From my side, I can't control results outside of my own.”

Albon has been through this before

So the Thai is mostly dependent on the bad luck of others, but he is not going to sit back and relax. “I've been through this kind of situation many times in my racing career, so it hasn't been all that bleak I would say. There hasn't been any violins in the background. I'm confident in myself, I know I can bounce back. The team would've gotten rid of me if they didn't believe in me,” said Albon.

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