Jan Monchaux explains how development was hit as Alfa unveil 2021 challenger

22-02-2021 11:45
Jan Monchaux explains how development was hit as Alfa unveil 2021 challenger

It's no surprise that Formula 1 teams have had to adjust dramatically over the last year and Jan Monchaux has given an insight into how development has been affected over the last year and will be in 2022.

Alfa Romeo unveiled their 2021 challenger on Monday, the C41 and it comes as expected that this season's car holds similarities to last. However, Monchaux has explained how development has been halted over the last year but there was still work to do in terms of 2021 and 2022 development. 

"Thinking about it not so much because effectively what people might not necessarily know or remember is that when Melbourne was cancelled last year we almost went into a nine week shut down so for that nine weeks no Formula 1 team was working," Monchaux said in an interview provided by Alfa Romeo. 

"A period of the year where we would have been starting to do the car for the 2021 season, which in terms of new regulations has been postponed until 2022.

"So effectively when we came back the regs had changed so we knew that we wouldn’t have to redo a brand new car for ’21 but for ’22 and therefore most of the year concentrated on finishing the 2020 season and bringing a lot of updates during the season and then moving to the 2021 project which as I said is a sort of mix between a carry-over of the 2020 car and new development since the regulation also changed during the winter for ’21."

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