No Indycar adventure for McLaren after all? Brown responds

20-02-2021 12:33 | Updated: 20-02-2021 14:43
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No Indycar adventure for McLaren after all? Brown responds

McLaren, which under the leadership of Zak Brown has been gearing up for a return to the top of the grid for several seasons, has also set its sights on participation in other racing classes, including Indycar. Brown has given further explanation about this, and explained how these new projects relate to the team’s Formula 1 ambitions. 

Commenting on the possible entry of McLaren into Indycar and other racing classes, Zak Brown, businessman at heart, said, as quoted by "We have successfully added IndyCar to our program in order to also cover the North American market for our partners. We were able to get the title sponsor of our IndyCar team, Arrow Electronics, to work with us in Formula 1 as well."

Formula 1 primary focus

Despite McLaren's ambitions to further expand their influence in the racing world, Brown is adamant about Formula One's priority in it. "In general, the clear focus is always on Formula 1," said Brown.

The McLaren team owner continued: "All roads lead to improving our commitment in Formula 1. WEC and Le Mans are interesting for us, but it has to be the right time, the right place and the right resources. [ ...] We want to make sure that we can invest everything in Formula 1 before we tackle other programs.”

So the options are still wide open for McLaren, as long as the conditions are right. 

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