Horner and Steiner not in agreement: "Then the top teams get even more points"

19-02-2021 14:11 | Updated: 19-02-2021 14:58
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Horner and Steiner not in agreement: Then the top teams get even more points

The feasibility of the idea of sprint racing in Formula 1 is currently being investigated. In Canada, Monza and Brazil, tests are expected to be carried out with the format, which could then possibly be used in the premier class of motorsport as early as 2022. However, there is disagreement on how exactly the new concept should be shaped.

The starting grid for Saturday's sprint race would, according to Liberty Media's plan, be determined during a qualifying session (as we already know it) on Friday. The result of the sprint race is then the starting grid for Sunday when the normal race takes place. In addition, there would be points to be earned during the sprint race on Saturday. However, the small teams do not agree. Auto, Motor und Sport reported this on Friday.

Small teams no fans of sprint races

The smaller teams do not like this mode. Haas team boss Guenther Steiner says on behalf of his colleagues: "Then the top teams get even more points, and the world champion is already decided in the summer." If the sprint races go ahead as currently discussed, three more races will be added to the calendar that is already the longest Formula 1 has ever seen and bring the total to 26.

Horner keen on sprint race tests

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, on the other hand, is conciliatory. After all, his team would benefit from it too. "It would be easy for us to reject everything. But if you never try anything, you never know if it will work. We should not be afraid to experiment. If it doesn't bring the success we want, we can always pull out."

Horner believes that new directions can be taken without losing the DNA of Formula One: "DNA is important. Wimbledon is still played on grass, and tennis players wear white trousers and white shirts. But we also have to evolve. Some of the races are boring. Abu Dhabi was great for us, but probably quite monotonous for the spectators. Formula 1 is entertainment. Sports fans have a lot of choice. You have to capture them somehow, and the best way to do that is with close and open races where the driver makes the difference."

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