Melbourne takes advantage of postponement and revamps Albert Park layout

17-02-2021 10:52 | Updated: 17-02-2021 11:18
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Melbourne takes advantage of postponement and revamps Albert Park layout

The Australian Grand Prix has been postponed to the end of 2021 and that may be good news. Now Melbourne has all the time it needs to make changes to the circuit in a three-step plan.

The Australian GP is normally always the start of the new Formula One season, but after a cancelled event in 2020, the organisers had to postpone the race again in 2021. Bahrain is now the opening of the season and the race in Melbourne is due to be held on 21 November. Plenty of time therefore for changes at Albert Park.

Melbourne big change

Although everyone is looking forward to the start of the season, everyone also expects that the race in Melbourne will be a parade. There are hardly any places to overtake, there are no different ways to get through a corner and the circuit is simply too narrow. This will change in 2021.

According to, phase 1 of the reconstruction has been completed, making the pit lane wider. This could allow the speed limit in the pit lane to be raised, reducing the amount of time drivers spend in the pit lane. However, the biggest change is now underway, in phase 2.

New asphalt

In phase 2, the layout of the circuit will be tackled. The tricky combination of turns 9 and 10 will become a simpler turn to increase speed towards turns 11 and 12. The aim is to unbalance the cars a little towards turn 13, where the overtaking opportunity is to be found. Turn 13 itself will be modified. The entrance of the bend will be wider and there will be a small difference in height in the bend.

On Monday the adjustments to the circuit will start in Melbourne and it is expected that the work will be finished in July. Then comes phase 3, in which the circuit will be given a new layer of asphalt. This will only happen after the race in November.

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