Doornbos on Red Bull's poor starts: 'Need to do their homework better'

13-02-2021 10:32 | Updated: 13-02-2021 12:35
Doornbos on Red Bull's poor starts: 'Need to do their homework better'

Robert Doornbos sincerely hopes that Red Bull Racing will have a better start to the season in 2021 than in previous years. The Ziggo Sport analyst believes that the Austrian team will have a better start to the season than last year. The problems with the wind tunnel and the
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) data have reportedly all been resolved.

"The big problem was that the rule changes in the past were always quite radical," Doornbos told From the outset, Red Bull was behind the times and every season it proved impossible to overtake Mercedes in the world championship. 

Correlation lacking

Over the past few seasons, Red Bull have repeatedly missed the mark. "Once on the track, the correlation was not there. In natural conditions - when you have to deal with bumps and wind - they were always quite far off in the beginning. They just missed a lot of aerodynamic performance, which is supposed to be one of Red Bull's strengths," the former Formula One driver said. Especially issues with the wind tunnel and the CFD were to blame.

At Red Bull, harsh words have probably been said after the series of disappointing season openers. "A lot of people will have been told what to do and a lot of research will have been done," Doornbos says. "But of course they are sick of it and they need to do their homework better. And it will soon become clear whether things have actually improved."

On a positive note, Red Bull have shown that they are able to develop a lot during a season. The rules have not changed very much for 2021 and that should mean Max Verstappen's team can get the most out of the package. Moreover, all problems should be solved by now. 

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