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'Lawrence Stroll is the smartest man in Formula 1 at the moment'

'Lawrence Stroll is the smartest man in Formula 1 at the moment'

06-02-2021 19:09 Last update: 20:02


When Lawrence Stroll invested heavily in Williams and bought a seat for his son, the Canadian businessman was met with doubt. Eddie Jordan believes Stroll is the smartest man in the sport at the moment.

The Force India team was always in an awkward position. There was enough talent in the ranks to do great things, but at the same time there was never enough money to really look up. That has only changed with Lawrence Stroll taking over the team. Now that the Canadian has also bought a substantial stake in Aston Martin, the team looks set to compete with the top teams in the years to come.

According to Eddie Jordan, this can certainly happen under the leadership of Lawrence Stroll. "Never, ever rule out the father, Lawrence Stroll. He has the hand of Midas, everything he touches turns to gold. He is the smartest man in Formula 1 at the moment, I have no doubt about that," Jordan told The Race.

From bankruptcy to victory

The two businessmen have also known each other for a long time. "He was extremely friendly to me when Jordan's team first went to Canada. It was a long time ago, but I remember we finished fourth and fifth. That was in our early days and Lawrence was one of the first people to congratulate us," continued the former team boss.

"He has been a revelation, he is one of the greatest entrepreneurs you can think of. Everything he does turns to gold, whether it's Michaels Kors, Tommy Hilfiger or a jeans company. He came to Formula 1, took over a bankrupt team and last year they won their first race. Who would have thought that would happen? You have to give him a lot of credit for that," concludes the Irish businessman and racing enthusiast.

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