Leclerc impressed with Sainz: 'Realises he has a lot to learn'

04-02-2021 14:14 | Updated: 04-02-2021 16:24
Leclerc impressed with Sainz: 'Realises he has a lot to learn'

Internally at Ferrari, they have been hugely impressed with Carlos Sainz during the first few weeks of the Spanish driver's tenure. Charles Leclerc also seems to share that opinion. 

"What struck him in particular was the accuracy that the Spaniard puts into the study of details, which is the result of hard work. Carlos is building himself up as a champion, day after day, and this distinguishes him from the other Carletto, Charles, who, although a hard worker - always among the first to show up in the paddock and among the last to leave - can rely on an innate talent," Corrierre Dello Sport wrote on Thursday.

Sainz goes straight to the point

Sainz seems to have pushed the limits a little during his encounter with Ferrari at the Foriano circuit. There, the Madrid native drove Ferrari's 2018 car. When practising pit stops, Sainz kept looking for the exact stopping point of the car. "Those are things you don't expect from a driver who is coming out for his team for the first time, especially months before the start of the championship."

According to the Italian newspaper, Leclerc knows that he will have to tap from a different keg in 2021. "Leclerc, having plundered Sebastian Vettel's experience, has thus realised that he also has a lot to learn from Sainz's meticulousness. And it is only positive that he will discover this further opportunity for growth.

Leclerc also attended Sainz's side's engineering meeting in the garage.

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