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Hamilton causes embarrassing contract situation: 'He should know better'

04-02-2021 08:28 | Updated: 04-02-2021 10:35
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Hamilton causes embarrassing contract situation: 'He should know better'

Lewis Hamilton still has no new contract in his pocket and the start of the 2021 Formula One season is just around the corner. Ralf Schumacher finds it embarrassing that Hamilton still has not re-signed.

With his seventh world title in his pocket and his eighth in sight, it seemed a matter of time before Hamilton would announce that he would stay with Mercedes. However, in February that contract is still not in place and with all the rumours that this has created, an embarrassing situation has arisen in the meantime.

Embarrassing situation at Mercedes

''It's a shame and almost a bit embarrassing. It is now February and the most important man in Formula 1, the seven-time world champion, has still not been confirmed as a driver. I keep hearing that it would be about money, but I hope that is not true. Hamilton in particular should know that in this day and age you cannot demand 100 per cent,'' Schumacher said according to

Schumacher additionally points out that Hamilton is also at risk. ''Hamilton should also know that Formula 1 is bigger than any individual. Maybe Hamilton needs to shake himself up now too. There is still a risk of Mercedes putting George Russell in that car. Hamilton should never forget that,'' concludes Ralf.

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