Hamilton negotiations are entertainment: "There’s a bit of jousting going on”

03-02-2021 11:53 | Updated: 03-02-2021 12:44
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Hamilton negotiations are entertainment: There’s a bit of jousting going on”

The contract between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes has been awaited for some time, although an agreement now seems to be very close. Ross Brawn, sporting director of Formula 1, wants Hamilton to stay in the sport in any case.

Jousting between Hamilton and Mercedes

Brawn is confident Hamilton will be on the grid in 2021 and calls the negotiations part of the entertainment. "It's up to Mercedes and Lewis to find their solution, but it would be a great shame for Lewis to quit," Brawn told Racer.

"He's probably one of the few mega-stars we have in Formula 1 these days," he said.

The chances of Mercedes and Hamilton not signing a new contract with each other are therefore very small, according to Brawn. "I don't imagine for a moment that it will happen. I think Lewis loves the sport too much and Mercedes loves Lewis too much. There's a bit of jousting going on between Toto [Wolff] and Lewis."


Brawn does not want to keep Hamilton in the sport just from a sporting point of view.

"He has made people think - especially in the last year - about a number of things related to the sport that are perhaps not the focus of what we normally do. Things that are very important and have made people think and consider their approach and attitude That has been invaluable."

Breaking records

In addition, Brawn believes Hamilton is looking to improve on the record number of World Championships. Last season, with his seventh world title, he equalled Michael Schumacher. "I think driving for Mercedes is his best chance to do that," he said.

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