'Hamilton showed there that he doesn't win just because he has the best car'

29-01-2021 08:20 | Updated: 29-01-2021 10:29
by GPblog.com
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'Hamilton showed there that he doesn't win just because he has the best car'

Lewis Hamilton won his seventh world title in 2020, but despite this unique achievement many say that anyone would win in that car. Ross Brawn, however, points out that this is not the case.

With seven world titles under his belt, Hamilton has equalled Michael Schumacher's record for world titles and may even try for his eighth in 2021. However, with that dominance comes criticism. Many people point to Hamilton's car and say anyone would win with it. Brawn does not agree with that criticism.

Hamilton wins because he is the best

''Lewis drove a brilliant race in Turkey. If anyone says he only wins because he has the best car they should watch that race. That was a masterpiece of Hamilton's,'' says Brawn in an interview with Racefans.net. According to Brawn, the sport also learned a lot from that race.

''In those conditions it was interesting to see the more experienced drivers come out on top. In addition, that race made us think about something else. It showed that a fast lap time does not necessarily make for the best race,'' concludes the Formula One technical chief, who recently extended his contract.

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