Sainz refuses comparison: 'There will never be another Alonso'

25-01-2021 12:02 | Updated: 25-01-2021 13:22
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Sainz refuses comparison: 'There will never be another Alonso'

When Fernando Alonso made his debut for Ferrari in 2010 - during his tenth Formula One season - Carlos Sainz was just starting out in motorsport. Sainz could only dream of matching his compatriot.

Third Spaniard for Ferrari

With Sainz joining Ferrari this season, he is the third Spaniard to drive for the Italian team in Formula 1. Pedro de la Rosa and Fernando Alonso preceded him. Sainz has more in common with Alonso. Both drivers also drove for Renault and McLaren.

Sainz describes these similar career steps as purely coincidental and does not want to compare himself to his fellow countryman. Although he would of course love to emulate Alonso's successes. "That's difficult because I've already driven at Renault, but I didn't get the two world championships," jokes Sainz on

"He has been an extremely strong driver, but there will never be another Fernando Alonso," Sainz continued about his compatriot. "He was the first, a pioneer in many ways, and I'm just trying to make my own career. My own way of doing things, of seeing things, of driving and I will see where that takes me."

Difficult to compare

Sainz also thinks that careers are actually impossible to compare with each other anyway. "You don't join the teams at the same time. They are totally different timetables, totally different rivals, everything."

Nevertheless, the goal is the same. "What I know is that one day I want to fight for a world championship and I want to put myself in that position as soon and as early as possible, because I feel ready for the challenge."

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