Sainz insists his approach won't change despite Ferrari switch

24-01-2021 19:21 | Updated: 24-01-2021 22:30
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Sainz insists his approach won't change despite Ferrari switch

Carlos Sainz is in his early days as a Ferrari driver and as a driver for the Scuderia, he'll face a whole new set of challenges. However, the Spaniard has insisted despite a possible increase in fame, his approach will stay the same.

Big news

He hasn't driven a single yard for Ferrari yet, but the impact of his switch is already being felt. Racing for the illustrious Italian team has done wonders for Sainz's popularity. "I've already felt a bit that since it was announced because it was huge in Spain and I expect it to keep going up and keep growing," Sainz told

"I enjoy that and it's great to have the fans on your side, to have the media attention, I think it only brings positive things."

Projects outside the sport

Driving for a top team and the fame that comes with it, often causes drivers to use their status to explore new projects outside the sport. Sainz, however, has no plans to change his life drastically. "I just like being myself," he added. "I'm not planning on exploring one side of my image or the other."

“If I become more famous for being a Ferrari driver, that will not change my approach. I will not suddenly go into fashion or anything other than what I am being. I don't have a lifestyle honestly that differs from what a normal guy is.”

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