Gasly: 'Oviously Tsunoda said some nice words’

24-01-2021 17:58 | Updated: 24-01-2021 19:04
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Gasly: 'Oviously Tsunoda said some nice words’

Pierre Gasly will have a new teammate at AlphaTauri next season. Yuki Tsunoda will make his debut in Formula 1 and expectations for the Japanese driver are high.

Anthoine Hubert

Apart from Gasly and Tsunoda being teammates next season, there is something else that links the two drivers. Last season Tsunoda was awarded the Anthoine Hubert Award for best rookie in Formula 2. An award named after the driver and best friend of Gasly who died in 2019. Tsunoda called Hubert "an inspiration" at the ceremony.

For Gasly, it was nice to hear Tsunoda speak about Hubert like that. "I knew Anthoine very well and I'm very happy and proud if in some way he inspired others," quoted "He was a good friend of mine and it still feels very strange to talk about him like that and know that he is no longer with us. I'm still not very used to that, but obviously Yuki said some nice words."

Fun character

Anyway, Gasly is happy with his new teammate. "He's a fun character," the Frenchman says. Gasly is also very pleased with Tsunoda's performance. "I think he has done very well [in Formula 2]. He has won a few races, I have seen him on pole. On a few occasions he has lost important points that could have finished him even higher in the championship, although I'm not sure why. Sometimes it's out of your control, but overall he's done very well.”

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