Domenicali expecing Ferrari comeback

23-01-2021 12:08 | Updated: 23-01-2021 14:56
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Domenicali expecing Ferrari comeback

Former Ferrari team boss and current F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali thinks there will be a strong comeback from Ferrari in 2021. The team that severely underperformed in 2020 will be able to develop better in 2021 because of the small number of rule changes.

Domenicali expects a lot from Ferrari

The brand new F1 boss Domenicali thinks that his old team where he was team boss from 2008 to 2014 can change course again in 2021. The Italian expects Ferrari to return from P6 to the top three with Mercedes and Red Bull.

In an interview with Sky Sports F1 he says: "I assume that Ferrari will be in a better position this year than last year. This is because they have now had the time to work on the power unit. Of course within the framework of the regulations."

Binotto shoots down high expectations

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto is not as optimistic as Domenicali and says to remain realistic. The gap from P6 to P3 seems too big with a power source so far behind: "We have to be realistic. We can't make up for the performance deficit between us and the best. The time for that is not there and in technical terms it is too complicated."

The Italians are diametrically opposed. One thinks there has been enough time, the other thinks not. For Domenicali, it is important that Ferrari performs well again to reignite the show:

"We need Ferrari in our show. Provided they are in good shape."

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