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Triple headers a necessary evil? Wolff thinks so

Triple headers a necessary evil? Wolff thinks so

22-01-2021 13:38 Last update: 14:32


Although there have been many complaints about the three triple headers planned for the coming racing season, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff also sees a bright side. He acknowledges that the triple headers will be "exhausting", but also knows that the financial boost of more races makes the triple header a necessary evil.

Wolff is quoted by Motorsport-Total as he talks about the triple headers. According to Wolff, it is simple enough: more races mean more revenue, and that is desperately needed by all teams at the moment. Wolff explains: “I think the teams are the beneficiaries of the growing sales and growing income. The teams are still getting a huge chunk of income and in that regard, we all need to support growth."

Tough ride, not sustainable

Nevertheless, Wolff is aware that the triple headers will demand a lot from the teams and drivers. Especially the two planned triple headers after the summer will be tough; then six Grands Prix will be run in seven weeks. Wolff acknowledges that this will be "exhausting", as he explains: "I think a triple header in Asia means we'll be away from home for more than three weeks, and that's certainly not great. Remember that the hardest working people are the ones who open the garages - and dismantle."

Always the businessman, Wolff also quickly thinks about logistical solutions for the battle of attrition that will take place in 2021. He speculates, "You have to ask yourself how long this is sustainable and whether you can introduce a different system by having a second crew that can take on these toughest tasks."

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