Grosjean looks ahead: 'I want to race again. I knew that after the accident'

22-01-2021 11:52 | Updated: 22-01-2021 12:19
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Grosjean looks ahead: 'I want to race again. I knew that after the accident'

The still recovering racer Romain Grosjean may not have a Formula 1 seat anymore, this does not mean that he does not want to get behind the wheel of a racing car again. In an interview with French newspaper Ouest France, Grosjean outlined his plans for the future of his career.

The Frenchman starts with a clear statement: he will not return to the premier class of motor sport any time soon. Grosjean: "I have no illusions - my Formula 1 career is over. And I'm not going to force a comeback." However, he does want to pick up his racing career elsewhere, Grosjean states, "I want to race again. I knew that shortly after the accident. But I take things as they come. If I find something appealing, fabulous, if not, then not."

Indycar or endurance racing

As a possible alternative, Grosjean mentions participation in Indycar, a rumour that has been in the air for some time. On the possibility of his participation, the Frenchman says: "I've been watching IndyCar races for a long time. I think it's an interesting championship with very good drivers. But we are far from anything concrete. And then there are the oval races, technically complicated." 

In addition, Grosjean highlights his motivation to participate in the famous endurance races, but also states that this might be a plan for later in the future. "Of course, I am also interested in endurance racing. This year we're between two regulations, after all, Toyota has already presented a new car, it's very pretty. But more manufacturers will come in 2023, a promising development", Grosjean said.

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