Big car brands on their way to Formula 1? In talks with a number of manufacturers'

22-01-2021 08:28 | Updated: 22-01-2021 08:55
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Big car brands on their way to Formula 1? In talks with a number of manufacturers'

Formula 1 is at an important juncture. First of all, it has to decide when to freeze the engine development of the current engines, but also which engines it will use from 2026 onwards. Stefano Domenicali is at least positive.

The Formula One engine

Helmut Marko announced on Thursday that Red Bull Racing and Honda have reached an agreement to take over the engine project. The only question now is whether the FIA can bring forward the freeze on engine development. Red Bull wants that in 2022, while other engine manufacturers want to keep it until 2023.

However, this is not the only point of discussion for Formula 1, as an engine still needs to be introduced for 2026. This is when the current regulations expire and Formula One management can move away from the current hybrid engines. Domenicali, in conversation with Sky Sports, has good news regarding that development.

New manufacturers in F1

''In the past, the mistake was made to give the technology the highest priority for the new engine, which is why the Formula One engine now costs so much. The engine is more efficient than ever, but an F1 engine can never be that expensive. Together with different manufacturers, we are now looking at what is possible for the future'', says the Italian.

''We are in talks with other manufacturers. They remain silent now, but there are many companies and organisations interested in Formula 1. Not only in terms of technology, because F1 is becoming more and more valuable for brands. The car industry also has to look at how they are perceived younger as a brand and they can use F1 for that,'' the Formula One CEO concludes.

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