F1 drivers are stubborn: 722 track limit offences in 2020

19-01-2021 14:27 | Updated: 19-01-2021 15:47
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F1 drivers are stubborn: 722 track limit offences in 2020

The regulations are there to keep everything in line during race weekends and Grands Prix. However, this does not mean that everyone remains free of infractions, as a report shared by the FIA for the 2020 season shows. The most common offence was exceeding track limits 722 times. Nevertheless, 2020 can be seen as a quiet year...

Half the fines

The FIA keeps a register of penalties in which is noted who commits an offence and for which a penalty or fine is actually imposed. With 22 pages it seems to be a very long story, but in practice, it is not so long. The most common is exceeding the track limits, as already mentioned and shared by Auto, Motor und Sport, which happened no less than 722 times. This often resulted in only a warning, as drivers have some leeway in this.

But the more serious offences were also noted, which regularly led to fines. Unlike 2019, however, the FIA 'earned' half of the fines in 2020. So from that perspective, we can talk about a 'quiet year'. When it comes down to numbers, fines accounted for €58,200 compared to €124,400 in 2019.

The rules that were violated were as follows: Exceeding the powertrain quota in terms of components (six times), early gearbox change (four times), general rule violations (12 times). Furthermore, time or stop-and-go penalties were handed out 27 times in 17 races. The reason was speeding in the pit lane, causing an accident, speeding behind the safety car, crossing the white line at the pit lane exit and more.

Special infractions

The 2020 season also saw some curious infractions, with Lewis Hamilton's being the most talked about. He made a practice start well outside the pit lane in Russia, which happened in a forbidden place. This earned him two five-second penalties. Another 'special' offence was the exchange of information between Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen and the pit lane during the formation lap.

Raikkonen is a frequent offender

Of all the drivers fined for speeding in the pit lane, Kimi Raikkonen is a frequent offender with four fines. The price for this offence varies between 200 and 1,000 euros and Raikkonen had to pay a total of 2,400 euros. The largest fine is also indirectly related to the pit lane and went to Mercedes. They had to pay 25,000 Euros because they encouraged Hamilton to do a practice start at an alternative place, which is forbidden.

The subsequent fine of 20,000 Euros was not bad either, also for Mercedes. This as a result of the incorrect tyre change during the second Bahrain Grand Prix. Here George Russell got the tyres that were meant for Valtteri Bottas, which is also not allowed.

Portimao the biggest 'problem'

To return to track limits. This was a very frequent occurrence and the main problem was Portimao. The stewards recorded no less than 194 violations at this circuit. Lance Stroll crossed the lines too often in Portugal and was given a five-second penalty. The same goes for Grosjean who had to deal with this at Imola.

In fact, 93 overshoots were recorded in Istanbul, 83 in Imola and 52 in Monza. In short, it happens on every circuit, but there is one exception. At Mugello, the track limits were not exceeded once, so it is certainly possible to have a clean weekend.

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