Button on Mick Schumacher: "Must have been very emotional to think about his dad"

16-01-2021 15:30 | Updated: 16-01-2021 16:57
by GPblog.com
Button on Mick Schumacher: Must have been very emotional to think about his dad

Jenson Button expects Mick Schumacher to succeed in Formula 1. According to the analyst, with Nikita Mazepin as a teammate, Schumacher will find someone with the potential to achieve very good performances.

“It’s great he is in Formula 1 and he seems like a really nice kid," Button told PlanetF1. The one-time world champion sees Mick as a "hard worker" and is looking forward to watching the German rookie's exploits in 2021. 

With Mazepin, Schumacher will meet a teammate who also has no experience in Formula 1. "He’s got an interesting team-mate who has had a lot of negative press but Mick is the complete opposite to that guy I think, so I think he will shine," said the 40-year-old Briton. 

Talking to Michael Schumacher 

Last season's Formula 2 champion has seen his father take seven world titles at the top level. Mick undoubtedly wants to follow Michael's lead. "That must have been pretty emotional for him when he learned he actually got the Haas drive. When you are racing you just close the visor on your helmet and it’s just you, the car and the road, but it must have been very emotional thinking about his dad. I’m sure he would have loved to have spoken to him about that moment, but sadly I don’t think that’s possible at this moment in time.”

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