Jordan on Perez: 'But nobody is as fast as Verstappen, right?

16-01-2021 14:58 | Updated: 16-01-2021 16:54
Jordan on Perez: 'But nobody is as fast as Verstappen, right?

Eddie Jordan is convinced that Red Bull did an excellent job during the winter period. They said goodbye to Alexander Albon and at the same time signed Sergio Perez for one year. The Max Verstappen-Perez duo could prove to be a very dangerous one, Jordan believes.

"With Perez, Red Bull gets a top driver," Jordan stated in conversation with F1 Insider this weekend. According to the former team boss, the Mexican driver could be a winner. "Nobody thinks he is as fast as Max Verstappen. But nobody is, right? Perez is a great driver who meets Red Bull's expectations, especially in the race."

Putting pressure on with two Red Bulls

In 2020, Red Bull could not make things difficult for Mercedes in the race, as Albon was always too far behind or too slow to attack the German cars. "The aim is to be close enough to Max to be able to put pressure on Mercedes with two cars," says Jordan.

The flamboyant Irishman is looking forward to 2021 and how things stand at the front of the field. Whether Mercedes will start with Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain is still unclear, although Jordan did have a clear vision for the saga.

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