Steiner's words do not bother Mazepin: "Regardless of what Guenter said..."

16-01-2021 14:30 | Updated: 16-01-2021 16:47
Steiner's words do not bother Mazepin: Regardless of what Guenter said...

Nikita Mazepin is facing the most important year of his career. After dreaming of formula one, the Russian driver will make his debut in the pinnacle of motorsport in 2021. Mazepin knows he has to be there right away and not have too long a start-up period.

"You know that when you enter Formula 1, there is really only one chance and in my case it will be no different," the number five of the past Formula 2 championship is quoted by Spanish medium Marca.

Haas F1 chose the money

Mazepin will drive for Haas F1 next year and for the American team that was purely a financial decision. Gene Haas' team is struggling and so father Dmitry's millions provide some breathing space, said team principal Guenter Steiner.

"Regardless of what Guenther said, I would say my job is to beat my teammate, as always, and do my best. So the pressure is still on my shoulders. I think I am ready for Formula 1 and I want to show that to the team first," Mazepin concluded.

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