Binotto: "There is nothing written in the contract of him being the team leader"

16-01-2021 10:06 | Updated: 16-01-2021 11:02
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Binotto: There is nothing written in the contract of him being the team leader

In 2021 Ferrari will have to find their way back to the top with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Despite having a new teammate, Leclerc doesn't assume he will be given priority over Sainz. Team boss Mattia Binotto says the drivers will be equal.

No clear-cut number one

According to Binotto, team orders will not be an issue at the start of the season. Only when one of the drivers has to achieve a certain goal later in the season will he consider team orders. "There is nothing written in the contract of Charles being the [team] leader. The two will be free to fight on track", Binotto told

"It's important that they are not damaging themselves, that is clear, but I think that they will have equal opportunity, certainly at the start of the season", the Italian continued. Binotto maintains that the goal for 2021 remains for Ferrari to accumulate as many points as possible. "It will be important that the two are somehow helping team decisions or accepting team decisions in order to optimise what is the team's interest."

Team interest can help drivers

"And by doing the team interest I think we are prevailing and we are helping the drivers' interest as well", Binotto concludes. It will be a tough season for Ferrari after 2020 was a dramatic one. The Italian racing team finished sixth and scored just three podiums in total.

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